Improve Service Delivery

ServiceWorks is a comprehensive educational workshop which helps public service officials to understand and apply the principles of Process Management, Systems Thinking and Service Management within the Public Sector. These principles have been distilled from high-performance management practices which have been proven in both the private and public sector.

What Citizens want

  • Government must build on a foundation of trust
  • Government must help citizens plan for the future
  • Government must help people feel safe
  • Invest in more innovation

Public Service Act of 1994

The Public Service Act Regulations (specifically Part 3, sections 36-38) requires:

  • The establishment and formalisation of an Operations Management Framework
  • Publishing a Service Charter to describe the department standards
  • The establishment and maintenance of a Service Delivery Improvement Plan

Each of these are necessary, foundational management deliverables to ensure that the department creates value and delivers on its mandate.

Learn by Playing

Our workshops are filled with exercises which bring a playful element to learning. These exercises demonstrate the concepts, and also highlight the habitual patterns of thinking which must be broken and unlearned before new ideas can replace them.

“This is a pullquote”

– Deming


ServiceWorks I

ServiceWorks Foundation is a 3-day course which introduces delegates to the key concepts which underpin sound Service Delivery and Operational Excellence.

ServiceWorks II

ServiceWorks Professional is a 4-day course wherein delegates explore strategic themes, including Organisational Change, Governance and Innovation.

Potential Candidates

The ideal candidates for the ServiceWorks programme include:

Municipal ManagersService Delivery Managers
Service ManagersRisk Managers
Process PractitionersAudit & Compliance

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